The rich guard the economy, the economy guards the rich. Why everyone should be in business.

2 min readSep 2, 2020

The world seems to fall in love with the capitalist economy. Since the trial and failure of major socialist systems in Russia, Germany, and China, the world power shifted and inclined to capitalism.

Capitalism favours competition and free trade. Although some still believe that free market is the reason for inequality and preach against capitalism, it seems that the world actually progressively understood that capitalism perfectly channels the material, intellectual and behavioural rivalry.

Capitalism perfectly answers what some equalitarian advocates fail to. Capitalism understands that the two important aspects of society, liberty and equality, doesn’t go together. That the moment people are free, they become unequal.

Capitalism doesn’t sacrify freedom at the expense of equality. Rather it gives society the ultimate freedom and makes cooperation and collaboration the pillars of society.

In capitalist economies, one dollar one vote is at work, as opposed to one person one vote found in socialist economies. This may seem undemocratic at first sight. But infact, it is much more democratic than any other systems. This is why.

Everyone is a consumer. And you, the owner of the money, decide to choose between products. If you choose product x over product y, you get product x when you pay for it. Voting through your dollar is more democratic because it gives you what you want.

This is the first reason that everyone should be in business. As they call it in Wall Street, business is the highest call of man kind. Some people tend to think that the system favours the rich and that it is unfair.

In reality, richness is an open call for self made affluence and wealth, and it is for everyone. And business is the path. Everyone should be in it as a citizen and voter.

There is another reason why we should be in business. You want to do lots of amazing things in your life. It would be a pity if lack of money stands in your way. Money shouldn’t be a barrier. You therefore need to claim your financial freedom as soon as possible. You need to be in business to do this.

But mostly there is one main reason you should be in business. Yes, you got that right. It is passion. It is the enterprise you create. Your bold heart takes the risk and starts to solve the problem people need a solution to so badly. You put innovation on the line. There is nothing more pleasing than that.

One last word. There are two ways you can get money. One way is you working for money. The second one is your money working for you. Be in business today and make your money work for you.