Do You Want to Be Successful? Be Obsessed!

2 min readFeb 12, 2022

Great thinkers of the world, the artists who gave us amazing paintings, inventors who made us fly like birds, scientists who thought us the mysteries of the universe, entrepreneurs who made us rethink how wealthy we can get, leaders who showed us how our unity can make the impossible possible, all of them had one thing. They had an obsession.

If you have ever tried to accomplish one thing you are so fascinated about, you know what I mean. You have this amazing feeling and drive that makes you wonder and be curious. Each and every step gives you more and more challenge that moves you.

This type of obsession is not just the characteristics of individuals. Companies, organizations even countries have obsessions. And it seems that their obsession has a lot to tell us about their success and achievement.

You might think that you can’t control your obsession. But in fact, you can. There might be some things that make you astray or deviate from what you want. But this is the test that if passed, sets you apart, and makes you stand out from the crowd.

You might think that you can’t control your obsession. But in fact, you can.

We see countries of the world, the developed and the under-developed, the rich and the poor, the great and the not-so-great. It is easy to see that their obsession made the difference.

Some countries are war-torn and they are obsessed with fighting. Others are obsessed with change and are trying to learn from their past. And yet others are obsessed with development and innovation is their priority.

The same goes for organizations and companies. There are all sorts of companies from the struggling to the growing to the propelling. Their obsession made them what they are.

Places, where talent is respected and honored as well as hunted and nurtured, are places where the right obsession exists and success is guaranteed.

Whereas places where talent is not given proper attention and in some cases not welcomed are places of back leaping and mediocrity.

Systems give us the right kinds of obsessions. They set the norms and ground rules. They define the culture and how things are done. They determine the success of what we do. Have the right kind of obsession and be successful.